Realfill system Realfill peagravel and rubber


What the REALFILL™ Infill does for your synthetic field:

  • Improved G-Max
  • No compaction
  • Unique cuboidal shape prevents “fly-out” and “splashing” of infill

The REALFILL™ Infill starts with a unique silica pea gravel base. This feature provides proper fiber support, energy restitution, enhanced shock absorption and rapid drainage, and also serves to keep the turf in place.

The larger granules in REALFILL™ infill won’t compact under severe weather conditions and heavy use.

After the base layer is infused in your turf system, a layer of dust free SBR, cuboidal rubber granules completes the REALFILL™ infill. The rubber granules have a deliberate shape and size to minimize “fly-out,” “splashing,” and migration of the rubber.

The result is a uniform, predictable playing surface. (U.S. Patent No. 6,800,339)


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